Buyers Plan

Why Buyers Choose US

Our Commitment to You!

  1. To assist you in obtaining the best value possible for your purchase.
  2. To communicate to you on a regular basis, sending applicable new listings that come up for sale.
  3. To assist you in finding the right home for your needs, at the right price, in a reasonable time.

The following are the steps we will take to help you find the right house:

  1. Prequalify you for a purchase in your price range.
  2. Do an initial search of existing homes for sale that meet your needs.
  3. Enter your needs and wants into a spread sheet which is reviewed on a daily basis to match properties, emails are sent personally.
  4. Create a “computerized Automatic Buyer Search Program” customized specifically for your needs. E-mails and/or texts are sent immediately.
  5. Research all For Sale by Owners, expired, and cancelled listings that are not yet on the market.
  6. Contact the Top 10 Listing Agents locally to discuss potential “pocket listings.”
  7. Broadcast your needs and wants at our office meetings to identify any new inventory first.
  8. Preview properties regularly to help you save time.
  9. Negotiation Skills: Our Buyer transactions typically are 4-10% below the average for Selling Prices vs. Asking Prices in our area. This means $ in your favour, in your price range!
  10. Eliminate any properties that do not meet your needs.
  11. Contact the Listing Agents to gather details on qualified properties.
  12. Conduct an ongoing pricing analysis to ensure the most economical purchase possible.
  13. Advise you as to the most advantageous offer strategy prior to preparing your offer. (E.G.: unique terms and conditions.)
  14. Create the purchase contract and arrange for it to be presented.
  15. Represent you on all offer presentations to ensure negotiation of the best possible price and terms.
  16. Provide you with a list of all potential Closing Costs.
  17. Assist you in arranging financing, appraisals and inspections as needed.
  18. Provide a list of qualified tradespeople to assist you in the buying process when necessary.
  19. Supervise the completion of all paperwork.
  20. Arrange a final walk-through.
  21. If you have not purchased within two weeks, conduct a full Consultation Interview with you to re-evaluate our strategy.

Recommend any changes necessary to our search criteria.

Let’s get started, shall we?